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Smallville: The Stones
size: 15,9 MB
I sooo love season 4 of Smallville, so far there where only 2 episodes I didn't liked. I love Lois (I know I'm kind of alone) but she brings so much fun to that show. And I think the whole "Isabelle"-Storyline is just great. I hope you like the video.

Logan and Rory: Even the best fall
size: 16,5 MB
This is my first TV-Show Couple video... I love Logan and I think he would be really good for Rory. Dean was always nice, don't get me wrong he really is a nice guy, but how nice can one be without being boring? Now Logan on the other hand can show Rory what life is, 'cause he knows what it means to live. And it's so about time she learns that's not all about books and everything. I used "Collide" by Howie Day because it seems that every fan thinks that this song fits them perfectly. For all the fans out there I hope you like it.

Mark and Juliet: Private Emotion
size: 15,5 MB
I really love "Love Actually" and every single lovestorie is beautiful, but I especially love the story of Juliet and Mark. I know how it is to bein love with someone who is already taken. This video is more or less from Juliets POV, as we all know she thinks that Mark doesn't like her until she sees the wedding-video and now she wants him to show what he feels.

Aragorn and Arwen: Answer
size: 13,3 MB

Sydney and Vaughn: Life goes on
size: 10 MB
spoiler: non ... just season 1 scenes

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